Long-Eared Dog Breeds and Ear Care Tips

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Dogs with long ears need special care.

It's because some dog breeds have a cute, affectionate, and playful look simply because their ears are longer and droopy.

These dogs are undoubtedly very pretty, and you've probably wondered at some point why they have these unique and characteristic ears.

If so, you're in the right place to discover and learn about some breeds that have them. Dogs with long and droopy ears.

Dogs, having the wolf as a common ancestor with other species like jackals and coyotes, share part of their genetic makeup, which originally included similar ears.

When they began living with humans, humans started selective breeding.

This was done to develop breeds suitable for various tasks they were needed for, and as a result, the ear characteristics started changing.

Due to inbreeding, the cells related to the strength of the ears began changing and weakening.

They couldn't stay rigid on their own, leading to the "universal malfunction syndrome" in most dogs.

This syndrome mainly occurred in breeds with long ears.

Almost all hound breeds like Beagles, Bloodhounds, among others, are excellent and very skilled trackers.

Apart from their magnificent sense of smell, their ears help them catch scent particles in the environment.

The downside is that the length of their ears has led to difficulties in their hearing, although it could actually be considered an advantage because it allows them to focus even more on their sense of smell.

pendulous-eared breeds

What breed is a dog with long ears?

Each dog is very special for different reasons. However, the ones we mention below have something that catches our attention at first sight: they are dogs with long ears. Very long!

1. The Beagle

long eared beagle

This medium-sized hound, originally used for hunting hares, is one of those furry dogs whose droopy ears hang very long.

His face shows a sweet expression that makes us fall in love with him. That, together with how familiar and affectionate they are, makes them adorable pets.

Although this dog usually has a calm character, they also need a lot of exercise because they are quite energetic.

In addition, they are very escapist! Due to their great sniffer's nose, any scent will make them venture out, no matter if they wander far from home. This is one of the Beagles' curiosities that most people who live with one agree on.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Ears

Although it has very bulging eyes, what stands out most on its head are those long, pendulous ears that start at the top.

Additionally, these ears are covered with a coat of hair, which accentuates their appearance even more. This hair must be brushed very carefully and frequently to prevent tangles and dirt.

When we discuss the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, we are referring to a faithful and affectionate dog, excellent in families, playful and sociable – a furry bundle of love!

By the way, as a curious fact: its name comes from King Charles II of England, who adored this breed.

3. Basset Hound

basset hound long ears

This list could not miss the Basset Hound. When we think of long-eared dog breeds, the first one that comes to our mind is probably this one.

Their big ears are accompanied by a face with a constant sad grimace, but don't think it's because they are always sad! Basset Hounds are affectionate and friendly dogs who will not hesitate to fill you with love and joy if they are near you.

Despite being a rather strongly built hound dog, they are not particularly fast like other trackers and hunters. One of the reasons is that they are not long-legged dogs. However, they compensate for this with a great sense of smell.

4. Vizsla or Hungarian Pointer

long eared vizsla

The Vizsla, also known as Hungarian Pointer, is a medium sized dog, with a muscular and strong body, but at the same time light and elegant.

Its head, quite proportionate, shows fine features and its long ears fall elegantly to the sides up to the level of the neck.

In addition to these ears, one of the most outstanding characteristics of the Vizsla is its coat. Not because it is long, in fact it is short and dense, but because of its color: bright brown, with orange highlights.

5. Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel long ears

Another of the best known long-eared dog breeds is undoubtedly the Cocker Spaniel. There are different variants of the breed, but they all share this characteristic.

They are dogs with athletic bodies and long, silky coats. As in the case of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, their ears are also hairy, so you should not neglect their brushing.

As a pet, they are very appropriate for families. However, they require good socialization and training as they are very energetic and nervous. They can be somewhat destructive at home if they are not well socialized.

6. English Setter

long eared english setter

The English Setter is a medium-sized dog. From its head, its long snout and droopy, hairy ears stand out.

His mottled coat, which covers his body in black, white, and brown colors, is another feature that draws our attention.

It has a very alert and curious character, so it is easy to learn as long as there are no distractions around it. It is a faithful and protective dog for the family, sociable and tireless. Do you like exercise? The English Setter will be a great activity companion.

7. Irish Setter

long eared irish setter

And if in the list of long-eared dog breeds we include the English setter, we cannot overlook the Irish setter.

There are two known variants of this dog: the bicolor (white and red) and the red Irish Setter.

The Irish Setter was a very famous hunting dog. At the end of the 19th century, a completely red specimen was born whose physical characteristics were a little weaker and was not suitable for its main task. His owner was going to get rid of him, but a breeder took him in and gave him a good life, in which he became very famous and left quite a few offspring. It was then that this variety began to multiply, achieving greater fame than the original.

In any case, Irish Setters have a slender body, long and hairy ears, and a cheerful and playful personality.

8. Dachshund

dachshund drop-eared dog

The Dachshund, badger dog, or sausage dog, is a small dog with short legs, an elongated body, and long ears, known worldwide for its friendliness.

There are different types of Dachshunds according to their coat: wire-haired, short-haired, and long-haired. However, the color does not usually vary much. Dark shades (brown and black) always stand out, and they can be unicolor, bicolor or brindled.

Its hunting instinct (it was originally used for badger hunting) makes it quite impulsive and somewhat barky, but it is also a friendly, loving, and playful dog... and we love that!

9. Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard Long ears

If there's one thing that stands out about the Saint Bernard, it's his large size: he's considered one of the largest dog breeds in the world! And although it is not one of the dogs with the longest ears, they are long enough to be included in this list.

The curious thing is that, behind that imposing physical aspect, hides a dog with a kind and obedient character, which makes them a wonderful companion.

It is also a very protective and familiar dog, which has no problem being with children and patiently endures their games. Of course, this big, good-natured dog needs to live in a big house with ample space where he can move freely, as he is also a very active furry dog.

10. Bloodhound or St. Hubert

long eared Bloodhound St. Hubert

This tracker is another of the dogs with the longest ears.

This is a corpulent dog, with an elongated face that accompanies those droopy ears and a large number of wrinkles. They are dogs quite resistant to physical activity, but for that reason, they are very energetic and need walking and a good dose of daily exercise.

They are quite tenacious and self-confident dogs. At the same time, it is kind and calm, loyal and protective of its family.

The Bloodhound is a very sociable dog, but unlike other dogs that show confidence at the first sign of it, this one can be a little shy at the beginning.

11. American Foxhound

long eared american foxhound

This dog is reminiscent of the Beagle because of its colors but also because of its ears!

With a rather calm character, it is a dog that loves to go out in the field and track, since, as you may have deduced from its name, it was used for fox hunting.

So, yes, in addition to his long, thin, and droopy ears, he has an excellent sense of smell.

12. Basset Art├ęsien Normand

Long Eared Basset Artesian Normand

The Basset Art├ęsien Normand, also known as the Norman Artesian Basset, is a medium sized, compact-bodied, short-coated dog with a short coat that varies, being bicolor or tricolor (black, white, and brown).

It has great qualities for hunting, although nowadays it is considered more as a pet.

It is a fairly obedient dog when it knows the rules, but can be somewhat stubborn in learning. Even so, he is very intelligent and, with perseverance, he learns.

If you choose him as a companion, make sure he lives in a large space where he can unload his energy. In return, he will fill your life with love and joy!

13. Great Dane

Great Dane with Long Ears

As in the case of the St. Bernard, we may not have one of the longest eared dog breeds, but we do have enough to pay attention to them.

The Great Dane is another of the largest dogs in the world and its presence is quite imposing.

A curiosity we don't like to hear is that this breed is often subjected to ear cropping. A Great Dane with cropped ears will present them erect, instead of long and drooping.

It is a strong but slender dog, which gives it a very elongated appearance.

His character is gentle and affectionate. Many people might think that, because of its appearance, it is somewhat aggressive in nature, but nothing could be further from the truth! The Great Dane is friendly and cheerful, and feels a special connection with children. Of course, it requires the same education and socialization as other dog breeds.

Because that is something you must remember: any dog, no matter what size it is, can be aggressive if it has not been socialized correctly.

As a curiosity we want to make a note. You may have noticed that most of the dogs included in this list are great tracking dogs and hunters. Does this have to do with those long ears they have? Well, yes!

It turns out that the long, floppy ears help to better aerate scents to the canine nose, which gives them a more developed sense of smell... and that's what makes them such great hounds!

How do you take care of a floppy dog's ears?

Dogs with long ears have such a distinctive feature, but this characteristic cannot be neglected.

And the fact is that these dogs have a tendency to suffer from certain problems in their ears due to the size of their ears. These problems are usually itching, otitis, other infections or wax accumulation.

So, some of the care for dogs with long ears that you should keep in mind are:

  • Observe their ears frequently. Lift them up to check their condition and make sure there is no redness, dirt, or wax in them.
  • Be aware of their cleanliness. If you see that your dog's ears are very dirty, go to a professional to have them cleaned and avoid major problems. If the dirt is very superficial and scarce, use a gauze or wet cotton to carefully remove the dirt and then another dry one to eliminate the humidity. Do not use human ear swabs!
  • Prevents moisture from accumulating in them. After baths or walks on rainy days, lovingly and carefully dry your dog's ears. Moisture is the main cause of mites, fungi, and bacteria in the ears of furry dogs.
  • Visit your veterinarian if you notice any symptoms that may indicate a problem with your dog's ears. These can be: head shaking, discharge, bad odor, hearing problems, head tilted, whining, constant ear scratching, or behavioral changes due to pain that can be caused by infection or constant itching.

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