Dog Nose: 10 Curiosities About Canine Truffle

Today we want to talk to you about a fundamental part of your dog's anatomy: his nose! The canine truffle is a very important part of th body and hides a lot of information, so don't miss out on these curiosities about the dog's nose!

Dog Nose: 10 Curiosities About dog Truffle

Curious facts about dog nose

Since smell is the most important sense for dogs, it's no wonder their truffle is so essential to them, but there's so much more! Pay attention to these curiosities.

1. It's his "fingerprint"

No two truffles are alike, which is why it is said that a dog's nose is its equivalent to a human fingerprint. There are already countries where canine truffle impressions are recorded to identify them.

2. Dog's nose may change color

There are breeds of dogs whose truffle changes tonality according to the time of year without this meaning something serious. However, they can also change color due to contact with materials or sunburn.

border collie

3. The canine truffle needs protection from the sun

It is one of the parts of your body most prone to sunburn. That's why it's important to take care of it with a specific sunscreen for them.

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4. It's a good alarm.

A canine allergy can cause your dog to dry his truffle. This doesn't mean that if your dog's nose is dry, the hairy dog is sick. It can simply happen that the very bowls where you eat and drink are not made of good material and cause them to react.


5. Nose better than mouth

Did you know that your furry friend's sense of smell is about 10,000 times more sensitive than his sense of taste? no wonder they smell everything before they eat it!

6. The dog nose is an odor detector and classifier.

A dog is capable of distinguishing more than a million smells and classifying them, which is why they are such good trackers. They are able to distinguish very subtle nuances in the aromas.

Dog yawning

7. Some truffles are "better" than others

Dogs with short muzzles and flat faces have fewer olfactory receptor cells than dogs with long muzzles.

8. The truffle has two independent cavities

For this reason it can be said that dogs do not breathe and smell in the same place, as people do.

The dog nose has a folded tissue that divides it into two cavities, each for one function.

golden retriever

9. Long ears help the nose

Those dogs that have very long ears and falls also help them to air the aromas to their truffle, so they can smell better.

10. The dog's nose is wet for several reasons

Dogs frequently lick their truffle to clean it and keep it moist. This is because in this way they capture odours better and therefore also naturally secrete this moisture. But remember: if your truffle is dry at any given time, it does not have to indicate illness.

How many of these curiosities did you already know?
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