Keeping a Clean Home with Dogs: Tips to Keep You Sane While Tackling Shedding

If you have pets in your home, especially if they are the kind that shed a lot of hair, you will ask yourself how to keep the house clean with dogs and not get crazy in the attempt. Well, today we want to give you some little tricks that will not lose your head on this subject and keep your house quite presentable.

Keeping Your House Clean Even If You Have a Dog

How to keep your house clean with dogs: first of all, get out of obsession!

There are people who are very cleaning maniacs and who are too obsessed with having everything clean in the home. If you have a dog, you'll find that this is almost impossible, because there are dogs that shed a lot of hair, and even if you pick them up, in five minutes some trace will appear again.

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So the first thing we advise you is not to obsess. You can keep the house very clean with these tricks, but your dog will still be part of your home, and it is normal that it gets dirtier than if they lived in it alone.

1. The vacuum cleaner: your best ally!

We'll start with the floor, the carpets, and the sofas. It is recommended that you use a brush with hard bristles to avoid all the hair getting stuck to it when brushing. But without a doubt, the most practical thing is the vacuum cleaner. With it, you can clean the floor, carpets, sofas, and other furniture where your dog sleeps. The frequency of its use will depend on the amount of hair your dog throws, but normal is not to let it pass two days.

A damp cloth is best for furniture. You know exactly what can happen if you use a feather duster, don't you?

One more tip: when you take your pet for a walk, brush his hair in the park or on the street. This way, you will remove the hair that has fallen out before entering the house.

2. Your dog's belongings

To avoid unpleasant odors in your dog's litter, it's a good idea to wash it frequently. About once a week. The most comfortable thing is to use covers on it. These are much easier to wash than the mattress itself, and you'll be able to do it more often.

And don't forget their toys! Put the stuffed animals or anything made of fabric in the washing machine. Take advantage when you wash their bedspreads or covers and do not use fabric softener.

The hardest ones can be put in the dishwasher, but if you don't want to mix them with your dishes, wash them by hand with a little neutral soap and plenty of hot water.

3. Clean their paws

This is one of the essential tricks if you want to know how to keep your house clean with dogs.

When you take them for a walk, our faithful friends bring a lot of dirt embedded in their pads, so it's best to clean them before you go in.

To do this, use the special dog wipes and run them over your legs and ass. This way, you'll be much calmer... Especially if it's the kind that gets on your bed!

4. The pee trail

If your dog is well-behaved, pee won't be a problem in your home, but if it's a puppy learning or your pet is having a bad day, it can happen.

In these cases, don't go running around your house grabbing the mop you normally use!

First, clean up the urine with absorbent paper towels or a few sheets of newspaper. Then, you can mop the area with your usual floor cleaner and some enzyme-containing floor cleaner. This way your dog won't be able to smell where he has done it.

Remember to clean the mop very well afterwards! What's more, if you have any old mop, you can use it for these special cases.

And by the way, here's another essential tip on how to keep the house clean with dogs: forget about ammonia. Its smell is similar to the smell of his pee, so what you can achieve is to attract him more.

5. Don't forget the air filters

If it is already logical to clean the air conditioning filters before using them and they are already in use, imagine how important it is to have dogs at home. The amount of hair and lint that can accumulate in them!

Don't forget to always keep them clean so you don't get an unpleasant surprise when you turn them on. Of course, you don't have to do it every day. Once a month, as long as you don't use them, will be enough.
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6. The best: constancy

Things don't pick up after themselves! You can't put off cleaning up! If your dog sheds a lot of hair and you have to sweep or vacuum every day, do it. If, for whatever reason, you can't do it one day, that's fine. But don't let it go on for a week because you could end up swimming in hairballs.

And one more tip: Don't mask odors. Putting an air freshener in the house is fine, but putting 3 in each corner is excessive and can be unpleasant mixed with the smell of dog.

It is better to maintain his body hygiene with his baths, the other washing tips we have given you, and the daily ventilation of your house.

These are our tips on how to keep your dog's house clean. What tricks do you use?
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