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Discovering the French Bulldog: Temperament, Care, and Common Health Concerns

The French bulldog is known for being a very noisy dog, not for barking! This is because this breed has a very loud breathing, and yes, he snores too! Other features that differentiate it are its bulging eyes, flat face, and bat ears.

  • Height: The French Bulldog is a small breed of dog, normally around 11 inches.
  • Weight: Its weight is usually around 16–28 pounds.
  • Coat: The coat can be a single color or even brindled.

    french bulldog temperament

    French Bulldog dog history and origins

    One of the most widespread beliefs is that the French Bulldog was created from several crosses between English Bulldog dogs and small terriers. The breed became very popular in a short time! People would meet in boulevards and cafes to exchange advice and see how they could improve the breed.

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    French Bulldog temperament

    Although the French Bulldog has sometimes been considered aggressive, it is actually a very smart, sensitive, and affectionate breed. It is especially calm and loving, making it a great choice for seniors and children. If you enjoy petting your dog, the French Bulldog will love it!

    Recognize the French Bulldog dog breed

    The French Bulldog has a very muscular and compact body. Its head is very broad and square with skin that has folds and wrinkles. Its ears are of medium size, wide at the base and very rounded at the ends. Its coat is short, soft and shiny. The French Bulldog can be a single color or brindle.

    French Bulldog Dog Breed

    French Bulldog dog care

    To keep your French Bulldog in optimal condition, you won't need to do much! They're a breed that adapts well to any kind of lifestyle, and they don't require much exercise! Just remember to take them out for a walk every day. In summer, it's best to keep them in cooler places since they can't handle the heat!

    Most common health problems in French Bulldogs

    Cancer is the biggest problem for French Bulldogs, but it's not as common as being overweight. To prevent your dog from becoming overweight, be careful with how much food you're feeding him. Excess weight can trigger:

    • Respiratory difficulties
    • Cardiac complications
    • Back/vertebral issues

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