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Golden Retriever Ownership Guide: What You Need to Know

The Golden Retriever is a dog originating from Scotland. It tends to be a rather friendly and reliable type of dog, it lacks aggressiveness, both toward people and other dogs.

They usually have a life span of between 10 and 12 years. Factors such as a good care, as well as an adequate feeding according to their needs, are essential for their life to be in the best conditions.

Things To Know Before Getting a Golden Retriever

Keep in mind, then, that if you are determined to live with this type of dog, your decision cannot be fortuitous or momentary, since you are going to live with it and will have to take care of it for a long time.

The Golden Retriever is a dog of considerable dimensions. It is not advisable to keep it in a small space, but if you still want to keep it, keep in mind that you will need to walk it for a long time each day to expend its energy and keep it in shape.

A large dog does not have the same space requirements as a small dog, so we must take some aspects related to its size into account.

Humans usually sleep in beds adapted to our needs, babies sleep in cribs when they are born, the elderly, in beds that can be raised. The same thing happens with dogs, large breed dogs need beds adapted to their needs because they are larger than usual and are usually a little thicker.

In order to transport them properly, we must choose a carrier suitable to their dimensions, where they can be comfortable and have enough space to rest inside.

The Golden Retriever, like all breeds of dogs, should be bathed at least once a month. For that we will need a large bathtub, if we do not have a bathtub, we also have the option of bathing it in the yard or terrace with a hose, and if we do not have any of these two options, we have the possibility of going to a specialized center to bathe it.

There are several types of doghouses. If you are thinking of buying one, take into account the size of your dog, it is important that it can fit well, even stretched out. If you buy your dog when he is a puppy, check the approximate measurements he will have when he grows up, remember that large breed puppies grow very fast. As for the material of the kennel, the most common is wood or hard plastic, think about where you are going to place it, if it will get wet or not, if it will be windy or not, and choose a suitable type of material.

The Golden Retriever needs a car suitable for its characteristics. As it is a big size, you will need a big trunk. Take into account all the necessary safety measures, a protective net, perhaps a carrier, or a cover so that it does not get dirty. Many dogs like to travel, but only if the car is suitable for their characteristics. If you make him feel good in the car, then he will like to travel.

If you ever need to travel by plane, you should keep in mind that your dog must travel in the hold, he cannot travel next to you. Ask the airline you are going to travel with, not all carriers, no matter how big they are, are approved, consult the IATA about the characteristics of these carriers.

If you are going to travel by public transport with your dog next to you, keep in mind that it must be well trained, there are people who may be bothered to travel with a dog next to you, take the necessary measures, and consider whether it is necessary to buy a carrier for the Golden Retriever.

In squares, on the street, sidewalks, etc. you need to have your dog socialized. The dog should always be leashed by the person who is with him. The sooner you get him used to it, the sooner you will be able to be in public spaces without disturbing anyone. We recommend that if you are going to leave the house often, you can do it from the first day with him.

What it's like owning a golden retriever?

The Golden Retriever is a dog that needs to spend its energy. If you don't have a yard or a space where he can spend it, think that you will have to walk him every day. And with this there is only one rule, the more the better.

For dogs, exercise is their source of vitality and even more so for large breed dogs. Try to do activities with him, go hiking, running, cycling, any physical activity will be good for him. If you do them together, the rapport between the two of you will be great.

A dog's life is not a matter of months, but of years, and then some. The main cost that you are going to have is the feeding, put it within your budget. Dogs eat, every day, just like us. The quality of the feed is of vital importance, so do not try to save money with cheap feed, always pay attention to the composition, it is important that the products are fresh. In short, it is an animal with nutritional needs quite similar to ours. Wouldn't you eat "fast food" every day?

Choose a very good quality feed, it doesn't have to be expensive. Ask us for advice on the best food for your dog if you need it. This food will have a direct influence on his life and in the years to come the effects of an inadequate feeding can be disastrous.

The Golden Retriever, like all large breed dogs, requires a kibble suitable for its characteristics. There are several brands that distinguish between the type of kibble depending on whether the dog is large or small. Large breed dog food has larger kibble than usual, this forces the dog to chew the food instead of gobbling it, thus improving its digestion. Note that large breed dogs reach the adult stage at a little over a year old, while small or medium-sized dogs can be considered adults at only 9 months.

The quality of a food will determine the life expectancy of our dog. The higher the quality, the longer it will live. Your dog's food should be balanced and should provide him with everything he needs. Avoid buying low quality or cheap food, your dog will appreciate it.

Stick to the daily amount recommended by each brand of feed. All brands have their own tables of recommended daily amounts. You will see that these amounts are different according to the dog's weight and daily activity, the more activity, the more feed. Respect these amounts and you will get your dog to have the right weight.

Chondroprotection is an aspect that you should take into account when choosing a dog food. Large breed dogs have a tendency to suffer from these problems when they are older. Medicating a dog for these types of problems is something that can be costly. The best thing to do is to start feeding a puppy a suitable food, which contains the necessary elements to prevent joint and bone problems.

The Golden Retriever should go outside to walk and exercise. You must take into account that when going outdoors the dog has the possibility of catching a parasite. Especially in the seasons when temperatures are higher, such as autumn and summer. To avoid it we have several options of antiparasitic products, either in the form of pipettes, collar or even spray.

Apart from a brushing from time to time to remove the dead hair of your dog, it is also necessary to bathe and wash it from time to time with a shampoo. To do this, you must keep in mind that the dog's pH is not the same as humans, so you should buy a special shampoo for dogs.

We all like to give treats to dogs. They like them even more. Be restrained in this matter. Use dog snacks wisely and always to your advantage. They can be a good ally to correct behaviors or reward positive actions of the dog.

The dog food should be his regular food, from small to old age. Don't get him used to give him your food, the food is enough, besides, if it is a quality food it will have all the necessary nutrients, so don't cause imbalances with your food, because you could end up causing obesity or overweight.

Things To Know Before Buy a Golden Retriever

If you want to enlarge your family with a dog, you must take into account the little ones in the house. It is very important that the relationship between the dog and the children is good. That is why it is very important that you teach the dog from the first moment that he must respect all the members of the family and those who live with you to relate to the Golden Retriever.

When playing with adults, remember that the strength of his paws, nails and teeth can hurt you at some point in the game. The dog, when he is playing is very aware of his strength and that he can hurt you, however sometimes we mix a hand with a ball inside the dog's mouth, or unintentionally step on his paws or tail or he falls on us. Keep in mind.

A dog is a good companion for a long time. You can go for walks with him, and he can accompany you in many public places. To avoid uncomfortable situations, both with other dogs, as in restaurants, stores, etc., it is important that you can train him from a very young age, a good socialization will make your life with him much more pleasant, and he can accompany you everywhere without any problem.

The Golden Retriever like other dogs, we must teach him some basic guidelines when visitors come home. He must know that he cannot jump on other people, nor bark when the doorbell rings. If we teach him these two concepts from a very young age, you will not have any problem when guests come home.

Adopt whenever you can. If you still prefer to buy it, do it in a breeder that can give you references and minimum genetic guarantees. Do not buy a dog that has been in a glass urn for weeks and without having seen its parents, grandparents, siblings, etc...

If you have the certainty and conviction that you want to share your life with a dog and you will be able to dedicate the time it requires, do not hesitate, adopt it, but you must be sure that you will be able to take care of it for the next few years.

There are many shelters and organizations that take in thousands of dogs due to the abandonment of these dogs by certain people who did not understand what a dog entails.

Think twice and inform yourself well, our advice can help you.