Dogs in Autumn - Autumn Pet Care Recommendations

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Little by little, we have had to say goodbye to summer and accept that autumn has arrived. We should never stop paying attention to our pets, but as the seasons change, we must take extra care of them. These are our recommendations to take good care of dogs in autumn.

Pet Care In Autumn

Dog care in autumn

Temperatures are gradually dropping, and we are losing daylight hours. Gone are the endless afternoons and walks without coats. Yes, both us and our dogs are affected by these changes, and we have to take care of ourselves and our dogs.

Cold and lowered immunity

We are not the only ones whose defenses are lowered when the temperature drops or with sudden changes in temperature: warm at home and cold outside, rain and wind.

Dogs can also be affected and suffer from colds or other diseases that attack weak immune systems, such as leishmaniasis.

In addition, both heat and humidity are prone to causing the appearance of external parasites, so be sure to visit your veterinarian to make sure your dog has all its vaccinations in order and is well dewormed!

Hair loss in dogs

The change of season always causes our pets' fur to fall out.

Dogs in autumn and spring tend to shed their hair, and therefore, we must try to brush it daily so that it stays healthy and grows strong.

Take the opportunity to brush your pet before entering the house at the end of your walk to remove any dead hair outside your home.

Do not miss the exercise

The good weather of the summer was conducive to going for a walk or doing activities with your pet, even if it was only when the sun went down or before the heat started to get too hot.

After autumn comes the cold of winter, in which we do not feel like stepping on the street to see furry friends or humans, so this season is the perfect one to make your dog stay in shape. Take advantage of it!

You can do with him different activities such as Disc Dog or Bikejoring, or simply adapt the exercise to his breed and situation, but do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the autumn and train with your dog to avoid getting overweight.

Pay attention on the walk

If you take your dog for a walk after it has rained, make sure he does not drink water from the puddles that form, as it may contain bacteria, be stagnant for a long time or be contaminated, causing digestive problems.

Our advice throughout the summer was to take fresh water with you on walks for your pet, but this is essential in any other season of the year. You will not always have a fountain at hand and it is better to be prepared!

Also, if you get caught in the rain when you get home, it's best to dry him off as soon as you walk in the door. Don't let his hair air dry, and we're not just saying that so he doesn't get the floor wet... it's for his health! Always have a towel for him at hand.

Progressive routine changes

We already know that sudden changes in the routine and feeding of pets can cause stress and anxiety.

If in summer you had to modify the routine of walking and eating for the changes of light or for an intensive day of work, the dogs in autumn will have to change that routine again little by little.

Adapt their diet and walking times again, but don't do it all at once. For example, bring them forward about 15 minutes progressively.

Are you clear about the most important care for dogs in the autumn? Let's enjoy the season together!

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