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Why Does My Dog Cover Her Face With Her Paws

The dog puts its paws on its face. Why does it do it?

Does your dog cover her face with her paws? Maybe she's apologizing or just wants to play. Let's have a look at what's causing this weird behavior together.

Have you ever noticed your dog rubbing her paws across her face? There are a variety of causes behind this. Perhaps she wants to play or make amends. After all, when they cover their faces behind those small paws, they're very adorable. Let's have a look at why our four-legged companions hide their faces with their legs from time to time.

dog rubbing her paws across her face

Dogs cover their faces with their paws. Why do they do it?

We all know that dogs communicate with gestures, moving their tail, their body, and their paws, so we know very well that if the dog puts her paws on her face, she wants to tell us something.

As previously said, this trustworthy action might provide a lot of information. Some feel that by covering her face with her paws, our four-legged buddy is demonstrating her respect for her owner, who is the pack's leader.

However, we are aware that dogs are capable of perceiving human emotions, so you may be staring at your own. When a furry companion senses that you are scared or worried, she covers her face with her paws.

With this gesture, she is trying to make you understand her solidarity towards you. Another reason why dog might put her paws on her face is that the dog is afraid of someone, and by making this gesture, she feels everything.

Scratch itching

If your dog does this a lot, and you see her picking at her face with anything she can find, such as the carpet or furniture, she may have an itch. This itching may be caused by a small piece of debris or twig in her face or eyes. You may need to check on her and help her.

However, if you have already checked her and there is nothing wrong with her but she is still itching, this may be a symptom of an allergy. If this is the case, try changing the food for a few days to see if there is any improvement. If not, take her to your veterinarian for an evaluation.

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An instinct can become a habit

As we have seen, the dog can cover its face with its tiny paws. For several reasons, it is important that you understand this by keeping track of the moment when it performs this gesture.

It's also a completely natural and instinctual attitude, but we must be cautious because our four-legged friend may make it a habit.

In fact, if your dog always covers her face with her paws when you pay attention to her, she'll keep doing it merely to get pats and pampering from you.

Pampering a dog is never a bad thing, but you have to be careful that it does not become a habit of the dog's behavior, as it can be difficult to understand why she covers her face with her paws.