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Original Names for Girl Dogs: List for Small Breeds

Are you looking for the perfect name for your puppy? This is one of the most difficult tasks. It is not something as simple as it is sometimes painted, where you choose a name that magically comes to your mind.

There are many original names for small dogs and many ways to choose the right one. For example, based on the color of its coat, if it has a lot of hair or little, the breed you choose, its behavior, any characteristic in its behavior, if it is big like a Doberman or small like a Westy, etc.

Another easy way to make this decision is to see the names of famous little dogs. Maybe one of these seems perfect, and you want to give him this name. Here at Dogalyo, we will give you a list of possible names for your dog that are very funny and original, so you can choose the one you like the most or have an idea of what names to choose.

Best Girl Dog's Name

How to choose a name for a small dog?

We understand this is a difficult decision because it is not enough just to see a huge list of names. Our dog must have contributed a lot to this decision. We must be careful not to give the dog very long names, because they only generate confusion for the dog. Furthermore, a long name does not go well with its small size.

Other useful tips are also presented when selecting a name for your little dog:

  • Make sure that the words or the name are not usual in your vocabulary, otherwise she will be constantly confused, thinking that you are calling her. It is the same with the sounds you use frequently; do not associate them with her name to avoid confusion.
  • Choose an original name; never use the name of a human. The person may consider this an insult, and when you call him/her, your dog will also come to you.
  • The name should preferably not exceed two syllables; this way they will be able to understand it more easily and respond to it. It should be a clear sound that they can identify.

Popular Names for Small Dogs

A puppy needs a name that goes with its size. Below is a list of fun and appropriate names for this type of puppy:

Brisa Bolita Bindy Billu Chloe
Cloy Conny Cloti Chiqui Cuki
Cora Chispa Diva Yoshi Nina
Lilly Lisi Yumi Yara Naty
Luli Laila Shandy Percy Holly
Mixi Pelusa Sami Kiti Puppy
Tita Lola Mimi Perlita Coco
Golfi Sugar Luna Menta Nana
Pulguita Asha Auri Bombón Choco
Daky Emi Fifi Gia Janis
Kelly Kim Bruji Nala Linda
Princesa Rita Sasha Yuki Totó
Velvet Yara Percy Gusi Ava
Violeta Samba Keithy Dora Ayla

How do you teach a puppy its name?

It is important to always use positive, fun, and, of course, effective methods. One way to teach a dog his name is with dog treats. You will only need:

  • Decide on the name you want. Call your dog, and when she looks at you or responds to the name, give her a treat.
  • Repeat this procedure daily.
  • Use the same training method and you will see that it is effective and fun for both of you.

Some famous dog names

Surely some of these names will bring back memories, and others will sound familiar:

  • Daisy: Jessica Simpson's dog
  • Winnie: Selena Gomez's dog
  • Gipsy: Madonna's French bulldog
  • Laika: The Russian-born dog that traveled into space
  • Lola: Hilary Duff's dog
  • Lady: Of the Lady and the Tramp