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Why is My Dog Peeing on My Bed? Tips to Stop This Behavior

My dog is peeing on the bed! Many dog owners have experienced the unpleasant surprise of their dog peeing on their bed. We'll tell you where this pet misbehavior comes from and what you can do to solve the problem - don't ignore it!

My Dog Peed on My Bed - What Does It Mean?

Why is my dog peeing on my bed?

This usually happens when the dog is home alone. Want to know why he does it? To mark his territory on your bed, as a sign of leadership; a leadership he assumed because he was allowed to sleep in the same bed as his owner, one of the most common mistakes among us.

This is a behavior typical of pack leaders: the alpha male sleeps in an elevated place, protected from danger and at the same time watching over and protecting his pack. If you encourage your dog to sleep in high places that also belong to you, such as your bed, sofa, or lap, you will gradually cause him to perceive them as his territory. He will take these places away from you and claim them as his own, marking his territory with urine.

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How do I stop my dog from peeing in the bed?

It's obvious, isn't it? We must avoid encouraging or, if already present, trying to eliminate the leadership role that your dog has assumed, which is totally wrong. We have a very bad habit of humanizing our pets and letting them do whatever they want with our things and in our spaces, just because we love them very much. This is a serious mistake.

Don't let your dog sleep on your couch or in your bed, he has his own. Just as you do not sleep in his bed, your dog should not sleep in yours, each has his place, his territory.

  • Bed-wetting is not the only problem that can occur when you let your dog take over. Avoid other behaviors that result from poor leadership management:Always eat before your dog and put his food down when you are finished. Of course, never give him food from the table.
  • Walk through doors in front of your dog.
  • Walk with your dog next to you, not behind.
  • Don't let your dog climb onto your bed or couch to sleep. In fact, it is best to put his bed outside your room and have him sleep separately.

If your dog has already peed on your bed, in addition to following these guidelines, it is necessary to change the mattress, as the smell of urine can encourage him to do it again, making it more difficult to correct this behavior.

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If your dog pees on your bed, take on the role of pack leader! And remember: don't humanize your dog.