Meet The 10 Smartest Dog Breeds in The World

The most intelligent dog breeds are versatile, agile, loyal and are usually very predisposed to be trained. In addition, they enjoy developing their minds with tasks and intelligence games, they love to feel useful.

10 Smartest Dog Breeds in The World

The smartest dogs

10. Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian cattle dog has traditionally been a sheep dog. It opens our raking of more intelligent dogs because it is ingenious, agile (both physically and mentally), loyal, has a great protective instinct and because it enjoys learning a lot. He is an excellent watchdog.

This dog needs constant mental stimulation, he gets bored if he is not busy. He loves learning, playing, facing new challenges, some of them even picking up their own toys when they finish playing!

9. Rottweiler


The rottweiler is another of the most intelligent dogs known; we could say that it is as intelligent as it is famous and versatile. It's a real working dog: it does a good job of herding, protection, search and rescue, tracking... That's why it's so often used as a police dog!

8. Papillon


Maybe you didn't expect it, but yes: the papillon has earned a place in our ranking of the smartest dogs. And rightly so! Although it is small and its name inspires sweetness and delicacy, really the dog papillon is stronger and more complicated character than it may seem.

He's an excellent watchdog! The dog papillon hardly fears anything, he does not hesitate to face dogs much bigger than him, and he does it without any problem! Because they are so intelligent, they are easy to train and coach.

7. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

Did you know that the Labrador Retriever is the most popular canine pet among families around the world? He is loyal, loving, gentle, patient and very intelligent. His learning ability is amazing! In fact, he is one of the most used breeds as a guide dog, but he can also be used as a police and search and rescue dog.

His relationship with children is excellent; in fact, he gets along well with all kinds of people.

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6. Shetland Sheepdog Dog

Shetland Sheepdog

It's not unusual for another sheep dog to be on the list of the smartest dogs - it takes a lot of learning ability and a lot of self-discipline to be a sheep dog!

The Shetland sheepdog learns very quickly, is able to process and repeat actions with just a few repetitions. He is also very protective of his territory and his family.

5. Doberman Pinscher


The Doberman Pinscher is one of the bravest dogs known, is very strong and resilient. As a guard and protection dog it is highly appreciated, often being trained for this task.

Despite its bad reputation, the Doberman is not a dangerous dog; no dog is dangerous by nature. Everything depends on his education. In fact, he is very loyal, loving, obedient and always open to learning.

4. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

This breed is tremendously affectionate, familiar, faithful and sensitive. Their great intelligence allows them to learn more than 200 commands, making them ideal dogs for anyone!

She always wants to please everyone and show her affection.

3. German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd

For many people, the German Shepherd is the prototype dog, probably the first breed that comes to mind when we think of these animals. And don't think that this privileged position is free!

The German Shepherd is a highly reliable, alert and obedient dog. He learns very quickly! He's also a popular breed among police, search and rescue dogs. But that's not all! Some are even trained by the military to learn to parachute. German shepherds are fascinating dogs.

2. Poodle

Standard Poodle

If you have a fragile, "sappy" lapdog in your head as an image of the poodle, we are sorry to say that you are very much mistaken. The truth is that they are very strong dogs, with an amazing mental capacity, that are even great guard dogs. On the other hand, they are sweet, kind, affectionate and love to be in the family.

1. Border collie

Border collie

And... surprise! This is the smartest dog on our list: the border collie. These dogs are so alive and energetic that they need to have a purpose or occupation to be happy. They are very involved with family, they love life with people.

However, this dog needs a person who can train him properly: as with many of the dogs we have already mentioned, intelligence is often accompanied by a strong and very determined character.

A great way to help the border collie feel good, by stimulating him physically and mentally, is to play sport with him.

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Did you know that these are the most intelligent dog breeds and that you share your life with them?