Stop Your Dog From Chewing Furniture: Tips and Tricks

We know what you're feeling because it's a situation that happens more often than you think. We invite you to read this article where you will find the answer to the question: "How do I stop my dog from chewing furniture?"

Why is my dog chewing the couch?
When you come home and find some damage done by your dog, we understand that you get angry. But at that moment, what you have to do is breathe and stop to think about why he did it.

If the dog has bitten the furniture, there are several reasons that tend to be the most frequent.

Tips to Stop your Dog Chewing Furniture When you Leave the House

1. Boredom and anxiety

If your dog is home alone for a long time, doesn't exercise enough or doesn't play, boredom and anxiety will take hold of him and can cause him to start biting everything he catches, including furniture.

2. Teething and dental issues

One of the reasons puppies bite furniture is to alleviate the pain they feel in their gums when their teeth come out. Once they have them out, they love to bite to strengthen and sharpen them.

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3. Stress and Fear

Stress or fear can make us react in strange ways to alleviate their symptoms and make us feel better. Dogs do the same! If you're wondering why your dog bites furniture, think about whether he's going through a stressful situation or has been in a panic lately.

It's very important that you find out why your dog is doing this and that you remedy it. It will be especially useful to tackle the problem when they're puppies, because that way we'll avoid major damage when they grow up.

Stop Your Dog From Chewing Couch

How to stop your dog chewing furniture

For all the causes mentioned in the previous point, there are solutions that can help you prevent your dog from biting furniture and, if he hasn't already done so, to prevent it.

Chew toys

Your dog should always have toys nearby with which to entertain himself, and some that are specifically for biting. They will serve as entertainment when he is bored.

Toys should always be special for his size and age. For example, you can't give him the same little ball you would give a little Chihuahua to a Labrador Retriever, as he might swallow it.

Special Gum Toys

Noteworthy are the toys that are special for teething puppies. If you teach them to play with those, they won't be interested in biting other things, since they are specialized for that stage.

Take him for a walk

Dogs need to get out of the house and go on walks for a variety of reasons, including socialization and learning about the outside world. This is not a routine that should be abandoned!

In addition, you can take advantage to play and entertain your pet when you leave the house, enjoying the time to the maximum if you do some sport together or you take some object to accompany the activity, like a frisbee.

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