10 Tips for Walking Your Dog with Ease and Enjoyment

Taking your dog out for a walk is one of the most important activities you can do together, but sometimes it can be a real struggle. Maybe your pup doesn't behave as well as you'd like or you're just not sure how to make the experience more enjoyable for both of you. If you're feeling frustrated and wondering how to walk your dog without losing your cool, then you're in luck! We've got some expert tips that will help make walks with your furry friend a breeze.

How to Walk My Dog

How to walk the dog correctly

The walk is a moment of fun and socialization for the dog, but remember that this moment should be of enjoyment for both of you and not only for him.

Here are some tips that will help you when taking your pet for a walk.

1. Do it at the same times

Try to make your dog enjoy his walks always at the same times. Of course, adapt them according to the seasons (if you think it is convenient) to avoid extreme temperatures.

When walking, do not forget to always take with you the bags to collect his needs and a little water to hydrate him.

We also recommend that, especially in summer, you carry a small bottle of water with you to pour over your dog's urine to avoid bad smells in the streets. This is something that everyone will appreciate!

2. Dedicate the right amount of time

You should know that going down to the street just for him to do his needs once a day is not enough.

It is recommended to walk him 3 times a day, between 15 and 40 minutes.

It could be said that the most important is the one in the morning, since the dog has not been out all night. Especially if you are going to work later and he is going to stay home alone.

This way, when he comes back from the walk, he will lie down quietly to rest after having unloaded adrenaline.

3. Try to keep him relaxed

Dogs know when it is time to go outside and become nervous before they see the leash. Therefore, get him used to the fact that you will not put it on until he is calm.

Go out only when he is calmer and always go out ahead of him. If as soon as he steps on the street he starts to pull, stop until he calms down a little. You should do the same if he runs to approach people and other dogs, but only if he is very anxious! You know he has to socialize.

How to Walk Your Dog

4. Keep calm

How to walk my dog: with patience and firmness! The canine must know that you are the one in control. If not, his excitement will make the situation become uncontrollable.

Of course, always act firmly, but without being excessive. Do not yell or punish without reason. He must learn correctly and without scares, so always remain calm.

Walk calmly and if he gets excited, remember to stop until he relaxes a little.

5. Do different activities and different routes

It's not only about walking, you should also play with him, make the most of your time and have fun with your best friend! Also, if you take him to different places so he can discover new sensations, all the better.

You can also take advantage of this time outdoors for his education and training or to do some sport with your dog.

6. Not too long a leash

If you do your best to keep your dog calm during your outings, but you don't succeed, we recommend you to use a leash that is not too long.

This way you will have a better control over him in case of unexpected events and the moment of walking your dog will not be a continuous stress.

7. Let him enjoy

The moment of the walk with your pet is good for both of you, but you know that it is above all for him. Your faithful furry friend should enjoy giving free rein to his canine instincts, so let him do it.

Sniffing, marking the territory, snooping around corners and getting close to his own kind will make him enjoy the walk to the fullest.

how to walk with your dog

8. Let him socialize

We have already said that this is very important. From puppies we must take care of his education so that as an adult he will be a well socialized dog. If this is not the case, he may become fearful or aggressive with others of his kind, causing uncomfortable and even dangerous moments.

9. Off leash

Freedom! Whenever possible, let your dog sniff and play off-leash. It will be very enriching for him. If you're a little scared, you can always look for a specialized area or fenced area that allows you to set your four-legged friend free.

10. Reward

Has he behaved well? Then it's time for a reward! His good attitude deserves a reward, this way you will reinforce your dog's good behavior during his walks.

Now that you have some tips for walking your dog calmly, it's time to enjoy the street with him!
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