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Why Dogs Make the Best Companion for Writers

Being a writer requires a lot of time in isolation. There are hours and hours of being locked indoors between reading and writing, so it can become a very lonely profession.

The Best Pet for a Writer

And what do our furry friends have to do with it? Here are 4 reasons why dogs are the best company a writer can have:

1. Spending a lot of time at home, your dog buddy will provide you with constant company, ensuring that you never feel lonely.

2. Many times, after having written or reading for hours, the best option you have to relax is to go out and stretch your legs. What better company than your dog on those occasions? Also, the best ideas usually come when we walk.

3. Being a writer can be a very frustrating profession because we have to deal with failure every day (if no one wants to publish your book, if no one visits your blog, if you've already lost another contest), so our dogs, being totally empathic beings, will help us overcome these bitter moments.

4. Love and fidelity in this era are rare concepts, and what better than our dog to teach us the true meaning of these? The love of a dog (beyond that you can come to believe that he only wants you because you feed him) is the purest you can find. These are animals that until the last day of their lives you will be faithful.

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And finally, remember that if your dogs could read, they would be the biggest admirers of your work. What other reasons do you think there are why dogs are the best company a writer can have? Leave your answers in the comments.

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