Why Does My Dog Sleep at My Feet?

How many of us have had the experience that when we come home from work, our dogs happily approach us and almost always the first thing they do is sit at our feet? In this case, we will show what it means that they sleep on our feet and why dogs do this action so much.

Reasons Why Your Dog Sleeps At Your Feet

Whether it is because we like to sleep with our dog or because our dog comes to us, there are some reasons that we will show you below and explain in detail why dogs feel comfortable sleeping on our feet.

Why does my dog lie on my feet?

To go into details, we first have to know the natural characteristics of dogs as a species, as this will explain some of the usual behaviors. The first thing is that dogs are pack animals, that is to say, they are very sociable animals and they establish a close bond with those they consider part of their pack, in addition to the fact that they provide food, affection, and company.

Now, there is no single reason why our dog lies on our feet and stares at us, it will depend mainly on his body language and the context that surrounds him.

Since an action of a dog, depending on all these factors, can have diverse and multiple interpretations, we must observe and inquire about its body language and its context to be able to understand more precisely why it performs a certain action.

When a dog lies down on our feet, they simulate a usual pack behavior of dogs, since the threats when another member rests, some stay awake in order to protect him. Since while sleeping there is a state of vulnerability.

This also indicates that he not only considers us a member of the pack, but that he is showing us his affection and love because he is taking care of us. It often happens because the man in his daily activities spends hours away from the house while he comes home, so the dog wants to share as much time with us as possible and dedicate every moment we are there to share.

What can I do to prevent the dog from sleeping on my feet?

In the case that the dog has bought his house or built his bed, it can generate some conflict since the dog will prefer to sleep on our feet than on his bed. If this is the case, the recommendation for the dog to sleep in his bed is to leave him a piece of our clothes, so that the smell makes him feel that he is next to us and he can sleep peacefully.

We can also use rewards or dog cookies to direct the dog's attention to the bed and accompany him if it is difficult for him to sleep in that place. Taking into account that the dog is an animal of habits, you will have to do this process for at least several weeks, and then you will see that the dog will be comfortable with his bed.

We must also check that the bed is comfortable enough for the dog, because if it is not, obviously the dog would prefer the best place to sleep. So in this case, we must pad his bed much better so that he can sleep much more comfortably.

We must also take into account that, in the case of the winter season, he must have his bed with good quilts so that he can withstand the cold. With these solutions and habituating him, he will be comfortable in his bed to sleep peacefully.

Myths about dogs sleeping close to you

First of all, we will talk about a myth that has been disproved, which refers to the dog that sleeps on its guardian's feet out of a sense of dominance, which means that the dog is imposing itself on its guardian.

This is completely false because dominance happens between members of the same species, that is to say, that it can only happen between dogs. This, on many occasions, has caused behavioral problems since these actions are repressed as if they were an aspect of dominance affecting the dog's personality and character.

Another myth is that they give rise to diseases, but this is actually false, as long as they have the corresponding hygiene, vaccinations, and pertinent care.

Is it comfortable for my dog to sleep at my feet? Why does he do it?

Generally, dogs sleep on your feet because it is a demonstration of affection and a lot of protection. That is to say, he feels that you are really taking care of him. He also feels that you are a great team, and it is a mutual demonstration.

Regarding if it is comfortable for them, yes it is. They can spend a long time sleeping there because they feel protected. They are also capable of ignoring a big bed for the sake of being at your feet.

Why does my dog sleep on my shoes?

It is a sign that he wants to feel safe and that is the place to get it. Basically, he can feel nervous in a moment and that is why he comes to sleep in your shoes. He feels that you can really provide him with protection and security, and that's why he does it.

Why does my dog lie on my clothes?

It is important to know that the canine may be going through a moment of anxiety and restlessness and that our clothes are a way to reach calm. Since the clothes we wear carry our scent, and so they feel much closer to us, somehow they feel safer.

Reasons Why Your Dog Sleeps At Your Feet

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