Here Are 5 Quick Tips To Make Your Dog Drink More Water

Sufficient hydration is very important for the health of your dog. By the way, this is true not only in summer but also in winter. If your dog is one of those four-legged friends who generally doesn't drink too much water, you may have to get a little creative to ensure a fluid intake that meets their needs.

How To Make Your Dog Drink More Water

After all, lack of water can make your dog sick in the long run and promote the development of various health problems. Below, we'll give you five easy-to-implement tips to help your dog drink more water in the future.

Key facts at a glance

  • If a dog drinks too little, it can have serious consequences for his health.
  • A water dispenser keeps them busy and encourages them to drink.
  • In addition to the delicious taste of fruit or food, a new place for the drinking bowl can also help.
  • If other tips do not help, the food can also be mixed with water.

1. Buy a water dispenser

If you want your dog to drink more, a water dispenser or water fountain can turn out to be a real miracle cure. At first glance, this may seem like a pointless gimmick. However, it often does not take long before the water dispenser arouses the interest of the dog and provides not only for entertainment, but also for an increased water supply.

2. Provide a fruity taste

Some fruit in the water bowl provides a fruity taste that most dogs can't resist. Even if your dog is merely trying to fish the fruit out of the water, he will inevitably ingest liquid in the process. However, be sure not to use fruit that is poisonous to dogs, such as grapes.

3. Every dog enjoys meat broth

It doesn't always have to be fruit to give the water an irresistible taste for your dog. Alternatively, you can also prepare a delicious meat broth. For this purpose, mix a little wet food or some liver sausage suitable for dogs into the water. This goes down very well with most dogs, and it doesn't take long to empty the water bowl.

4. Try a new place for the water bowl

This tip may sound banal. However, in some cases, it can actually help a dog drink more water. Just try a new place for the water bowl and put it right next to the dog's bed, for example, and see what happens. It may well be that this is enough for your dog to drink significantly more fluids.

5. Combine the feed with the water

If your dog primarily eats dry food, you can also fill up the bowl with food and water. This variant is probably the easiest way to get a dog to take in more liquid. Because in this way, your dog has no choice but to take in the water as well as its food.


As you can see, there are several approaches you can take to get your dog to drink more water. Given the importance of water for the kidneys, you should absolutely attempt the suggestions in this article if necessary.
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