Can Dogs Eat Grapes, Or are Grapes Toxic To Them?

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If you've ever wondered if dogs can really eat grapes, the answer is a resounding no. Indeed, as you may have heard, grapes are highly toxic to dogs. Although they are good for us, and you find it hard to believe, this is totally true.

What happens if a dog eats grapes

Why can't dogs eat grapes? The problem is inside the grapes and also the raisins, they have a highly toxic substance for the dog organism, but not much is really known about it.

If your dog eats a grape or two, nothing happens. The problem comes when he ingests high quantities. Grapes are a real danger when the dog eats more than 1 ounce of grapes or raisins per kilo of its weight, and even more so if the dog already has previous health problems. Thus, for example, a 26-pound dog eating 17 ounces of grapes can be a health hazard.

Of course, every dog is different. Depending on its resistance, constitution, and other factors, it will react differently to the danger of a dog eating grapes. Although, as we say, not much is known, it has been observed that the consumption of grapes and raisins causes kidney damage in dogs, leading to kidney failure.

Why dogs can't eat grapes

The dog's discomfort begins in the stomach and intestines after eating grapes or raisins, and then develops into renal failure.

It is normal for the dog to vomit within two hours after eating grapes. This is followed by diarrhea and lethargy, with a constant feeling of being very thirsty. After 24 hours, renal failure appears, which may worsen in the following days.

The dog experiences stomach pain, loses appetite, and becomes depressed as a result of the discomfort.Vomiting may continue, as well as tremors. Hypovolemia, a reduction in blood plasma, occurs, and the dog urinates less frequently.

What to do if your dog eats grapes

We've probably already answered your question about whether dogs can eat grapes, but now you probably have a new question... What if he eats them by accident? What do I do?

The first thing to do if your dog eats grapes is to induce vomiting. A good option is salt water. Take a glass of water and add two or three tablespoons of salt. Stir well and fill a syringe without a needle with the mixture. Put the syringe in your dog's mouth and empty the liquid quickly so that it comes out under pressure and goes down your pet's throat. In about 10 minutes, your dog should try to vomit. If not, repeat the process.

Another option is to try to get him to eat burnt bread. It will cost you because it is not tasty, but it will act like charcoal, which serves to reduce the absorption of the substance from the grapes by the kidneys. Do not let time run out just after giving your dog the burnt bread, and do not let time run out if you see that you will not succeed!Go without hesitation to the veterinarian and tell him what happened. Your dog will need intravenous treatment to clean and balance his body. If you have not been able to get him to eat the bread and vomit, tell the vet, and he will try another method. It is very important that your dog is free of the toxic substance in the grapes. It must be removed from his body as soon as possible.

In short, should I let my dog eat grapes?

Many people are unaware that dogs cannot eat grapes, let alone that they are extremely dangerous to them. Of course, there are dogs that can be lucky enough not to suffer so many complications; they just get sick for a few days with diarrhea or vomiting and then get cured. For others, however, it can be fatal, especially if left untreated. So do not hesitate to react to this problem as soon as possible to solve it.

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