Is it OK to Add Water to Dry Dog Food

Many people think that dog food is too dry, so they add a little water or broth to moisten it and make it softer. It is easier for many dogs to eat and even more delicious.

Is it OK to moisten dry dog food

If you are wondering if it is good to add water to your dog's food, the answer is yes. But always in moderation to prevent it from turning into a soup. And keep in mind some tips so that your dog's food does not spoil. We will explain how to do it.

Can water or broth be added to dog food?

Yes, we can add a little water or meat or vegetable broth (always without salt or spices) to our dog's food and let it sit for a while to moisten. This makes it much easier to eat for most dogs and also prevents them from getting thirsty. Something very common happens when they eat dry feed without moistening.

It is also very practical for dogs that have lost interest in their food, especially if we still have a lot in the bag and we cannot afford to buy a new one of another flavor. By adding a little warm meat or vegetable broth, we will give a completely different and appetizing flavor to the feed.

Benefits of wetting dog food

We all know what dog kibble is like: extremely dry and often very hard. This causes many dogs with dental problems, wounds, or sores in their mouths to have a really hard time eating. But this is not the only benefit of adding water to dog food. Let's take a closer look at all its benefits:

  • It does not cause so much thirst that dogs do not binge on water afterwards.
  • It is softer and ideal for dogs with oral problems or missing teeth.
  • Ideal for puppies making the transition from breast milk to solid food.
  • It is beneficial for dogs with gastrointestinal problems, such as diarrhea.
  • It intensifies the flavor of the feed, making it more attractive, especially if meat broth is used.
  • Increases the feeling of being full, making the dog satisfied with its ration.
  • It is much healthier for its digestion.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to moistening our dog's food beforehand that it is strange not to do it regularly.

Pros of Adding Water to Dog Food

One of the peculiarities of dry food is that it helps clean the teeth, avoiding the formation of bacterial plaque. Or at least that is what many manufacturers indicate, since the truth is that dogs that only eat dry food also suffer from tartar.

In practice, the moistened feed does not perform this supposed function, so in theory, it would be more likely that our dog suffers from tartar. Something that is not scientifically proven should be clarified.

Another disadvantage is that the dog must eat its entire ration. We cannot leave the feed moistened with water or broth all day at its disposal because it will end up getting bad.

How to properly moisten your dog's food

It is important to clarify that what we must moisten is the portion of food that is going to be eaten, and in no case must we moisten the feed bag completely, because it would spoil. The correct way to add water or broth to a dog's food is to do it about thirty minutes before serving it.

This way, the feed will have time to moisten and absorb the water or broth that we have added. You will see that it expands and becomes much softer, something similar to a kind of mush, sometimes maintaining the shape of the kibble. This is completely normal. This is how it should be.

For a portion of dog food weighing 0.3 pounds, we can use a third of a glass of water or broth. Let it stand for thirty minutes and give it to the dog. The water or broth should always be at room temperature or somewhat warm, never cold or hot.

It is already to the taste of each dog, if we add a little more water or less, depending on whether it has spoken too much or too little. Each feed is different, so we must try during the first feedings until we find the right amount.

  1. Fill the feeder with the necessary amount of feed.
  2. Add a little water or broth
  3. Allow to stand for 30 minutes after stirring.
  4. We serve the wet food to the dog.

Avoid turning the food into a soup or mash that is difficult to eat. Moistening the feed is good, but making it more difficult to eat is not such a good idea.

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