Leaving Our Maltese Puppy Home Alone

When and how should a Maltese puppy be left alone at home?

How long can I leave my Maltese puppy alone

If you need to leave your Maltese home alone, it can be a challenge for both you and your bichon. Here are some tips to make the process less of a hassle for both of you.

We all know that, in general, all dogs see us as members of the pack and, unfortunately, we cannot always be with them. The best thing to do is to teach them from an early age to understand that being left alone at home does not have to be bad for them.

How long can I leave a Maltese puppy home alone?

As Maltese puppies are not used to being alone at home, they are more likely to develop separation anxiety. In addition, it is recommended to take them out to "go to the bathroom" every two hours.

Adult Maltese that are used to being home alone may stay longer, as they have probably learned to sleep when you are away. For older dogs, the length of time they can safely be left alone depends on factors such as their state of health; for example, older Maltese may need to urinate more frequently.

To summarize the factors to take into account when leaving our Maltese home alone:

  • The age
  • Illnesses and health problems
  • Separation anxiety
  • Training and behavior
  • Outings to go potty
  • Feeding schedules
  • Exercise and activity
  • Socialization
  • Other animals in the house

It can also cause behavioral issues such as:

  • Scratching
  • Biting
  • Chewing on furniture and clothing
  • Compulsive eating
  • Getting lost
  • Whining, howling, and barking
  • Urinating
  • Running away

Two things to do before leaving your Maltese alone at home

If you leave home for work or leisure activities without your Maltese, you might first do the following:

1. Take him outside.

The best thing to do before leaving your Maltese at home alone is to make sure he gets exercise first. Start by learning how to take him out for a walk so you both get the most out of it. If you take your Maltese out in the morning or for exercise, he's more likely to get tired and fall asleep afterwards. That way, you can go out without any fuss.

2. Don't give him free rein.

Try to leave your Maltese in an area where he feels comfortable, especially at first. When your puppy gets used to being left alone in the house, you can leave him unrestricted.

Is a Maltese the right dog for you?

If you're wondering how long a Maltese can stay at home unsupervised, then you probably need to be out of the house frequently. This is fine in most situations, but it is important to consider the implications of bringing a Maltese into your life.

Before you buy a Maltese, you should consider how your new bundle of bouncy joy will fit into your busy life. It is extremely important to consider the implications of the exercise, feeding, and financial responsibility you are taking on. Some of the changes in your life will include having to go home after work to exercise and feed your puppies. What will you do with your Maltese when you go on vacation? Do you have someone else who can take care of your Maltese in case you get sick or are away?

As far as dog breeds go, the Maltese is fairly easy to handle and fairly simple to care for. They are a small breed, so they won't need a large yard. They do not shed their hair, so they are perfect to be dogs that you can keep inside with you. Because of their size, they are good with children and are extremely loyal to their family.

Keep in mind that the Maltese is known for its small dog syndrome and can be aggressive towards strangers. Generally, their bark is bigger than their bite, but they are very sly and try to attack people when they are not looking. This is something to be aware of if you have frequent visitors.

Make sure you understand that buying a Maltese is a lifestyle choice and will change the way you live. You will take on the responsibility of another life, but rest assured that the Maltese breed will repay that decision with lots of love, kisses, and loyalty.


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