5 Dog Breeds That Don't Grow Big

Choosing between so many dogs as a pet is a decision that you have to think carefully about since it is an animal that requires a lot of care and responsibilities. Therefore, assessing the size of the pet you are going to have is usually a relevant fact to take into account.

It is important to take into account the characteristics of our dog and reflect on whether we will be able to make him feel comfortable in the home, either because of his size or different traits.

Dog Breeds That Don't Grow Big - Pomeranian

The 5 dog breeds that don't grow up

There are people who value a small dog to keep it in an apartment or simply because they believe it will be better for its handling. Here are some of the dog breeds that do not grow, so that you can take them into account if you want to adopt a new pet.

Toy Poodle

5 Dog Breeds That Don't Grow Big

This very common breed has several sizes, but the Toy look like puppies all their lives, as they do not grow at all. Their height does not exceed 11 inches and their weight does not reach 17 pounds. Their affectionate and cheerful nature makes them easy to train and they are perfect to live with the little ones.


Dog Breeds That Don't Grow Big

This dog has a maximum height of 12 inches. The weight of puppies is 3 pounds, and adults do not exceed 7 pounds. They are usually very intelligent and show a lot of love towards their owners and distrust towards strangers.

Brussels Griffon

Dog Breeds That Don't Grow Big

This dog measures a little more than 11 inches and weighs about ten pounds. They are wide and thick-coated dogs that have a striking, very long coat. They are an excellent guard dog breed since they are obedient and devoted to their owners.


Dog Breeds That Don't Grow Big

This cute dog is considered the smallest dog in the world, measuring from 6 to 10 inches and weighing only four or six pounds. They are affectionate and very sociable animals.

Yorkshire Terrier

Dog Breeds That Don't Grow Big Up

This breed measures approximately 8 inches and will weigh at most seven pounds. They are characterized by their coats and by their lively and faithful character. They tend to bark a lot and are quite stubborn.

Dog Breeds That Don't Grow Big
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