The Dark Side of Teacup Dogs: Why You Shouldn't Have One

A teacup dog is, as the name suggests, a dog that fits in a teacup. There are already breeds that are small in themselves, but due to demand more and more miniature dogs are being bred. But it's not all pretty! There are risks behind these practices. We talk about it.

Why you should not have a teacup dog

What is bad about teacup dogs?

The "teacup" dogs may seem adorable and "practical" to carry in your bag everywhere, but the truth is that these genetically selected dogs have many more health problems than you could imagine. There are many dog breeds that have their "teacup" version, such as the Bichon Maltese, the Yorkshire terrier or the Chihuahua.

A teacup dog is not something natural, it is a man-made creation that can have serious consequences on the health of the dogs, from dwarfism problems to a fragility so great that they can fracture whole just from the impact of a little impetuous jump.

In addition, they often have limb, digestive and skin problems, and even suffer from low blood glucose levels. Their life expectancy is barely half that of a standard-sized dog of the same breed.

Why you should not have a teacup dog?

To begin with, they are not easy to take care of. They are really delicate, often suffer from all kinds of physical pain and injuries, and may even be unable to go up and down stairs.

These mini dogs, in general, have a poor quality of life. Even if your intentions are the best in caring for these little dogs, it is really unfair to breed these animals. It is very cruel to breed dogs knowing that they will live short lives and suffer all kinds of problems, just to make money.

If you want to have a pet because you like animals, remember that teacup dogs exist only because there are people who want to profit from it, not because they like animals like you. If you opt for a standard size dog you will be giving a good life to a healthy and happy dog, that with good care will live with you for a long time.

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How about we stop encouraging the breeding of teacup dogs and adopt pets from shelters
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