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The Aussiechon: A Charming Mix of Two Popular Breeds

The Aussiechon is a captivating designer dog breed that combines the intelligence and agility of the Miniature Australian Shepherd with the friendly and hypoallergenic coat of the Bichon Frise. While the exact origins of the breed remain unclear, it is believed to have originated in recent decades, probably in North America or Australia. These playful puppies have quickly captured the hearts of many dog lovers with their adorable personalities and unique appearance.


The Aussiechon is a new puppy on the block compared to breeds with pedigrees that go way back. Designer dogs like this one began to appear in the USA in the 1980s. Breeders were like dog matchmakers, crossing different breeds to create combinations with the best traits.

The Aussiechon is a delightful cross between the playful Miniature Australian Shepherd and the fluffy Bichon Frise. They've become quite popular lately, thanks to their winning personalities and coats that won't leave you sniffling. While they aren't officially recognized by the major kennel clubs, their adorable looks and friendly nature have won over many pet parents. Breeders are working hard to ensure that Aussiechons are healthy and consistent, which may lead to their recognition in the future.


Aussiechon miniature Australian Shepherd and bichon frise mix


Aussiechons are like the Goldilocks of dogs - not too big, not too small, just right around the medium size. They typically stand between 14 and 17 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh anywhere from 25 to 40 pounds.

Their coats are like a fun surprise! You never quite know what you'll get because they inherit traits from both parent breeds. The Australian Shepherd's splashy markings might mix with the Bichon Frise's solid white coat, creating a one-of-a-kind look. Expect to see colors like black, white, merle (a marbled pattern), red, and brown, all mixed and matched in cool patterns like parti (patches of color on a white background), pied (large patches of color), or even merle.

The texture of their fur is another bonus. It can be straight, wavy, or even curly, and it's always super soft thanks to the double coat. And the best part? Minimal shedding, which means less vacuuming for you!

Maintenance and exercise requirements

Aussiechons are pretty low-maintenance on the grooming front. Regular brushing with a brush will keep their fur tangle-free and looking its best. Bath time doesn't need to be super frequent, just an occasional dip in the tub will do. And don't forget to give their ears a quick wipe to keep them clean and infection-free.

Now, exercise is where these pups come alive! They're energetic doggos, so daily activity is a must to keep them happy and healthy. A 30-minute walk, some playtime at the dog park, or even some fun games in the backyard are all great options.  Aussiechons are also smart cookies, so keeping their minds occupied with games like fetch is a fun way to double down on playtime and tire them out.


Just like us humans, Aussiechons need good quality food to stay happy and healthy. The best bet is a protein-packed diet that matches their energy levels, whether they're playful pups or chill older dogs.

Here's what to keep an eye out for in their food:

  • Protein Power: Look for chicken, beef, or lamb listed first on the ingredient list, since that means it's the main ingredient. Protein is super important for keeping their muscles strong!
  • Grains or No Grains? Some Aussiechons might be allergic to grains, so keep an eye out for grain-free options if you notice any itchy reactions.
  • Fishy Friends: Look for foods with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, sometimes listed as "fish oils." These keep their skin and fur healthy, and their joints happy too.
  • Gut Happy Helpers: Probiotics can help with digestion, so if you see that on the label, that's a good bonus!

Food Felonies to Avoid:

Skip anything with fillers, artificial stuff, or preservatives. These can be bad for your pup's health.

Feeding Frequency:

How much and how often your Aussiechon eats depends on their age and activity level. Consult your vet if you're unsure, but here's a general idea:

  • Puppies: Three meals a day to keep those little bodies growing strong.
  • Adults: Two meals a day should do the trick.
  • Seniors: Their needs might change, so keep an eye on their appetite and adjust as needed.

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Don't Forget the H2O!

Always make sure your furry friend has fresh water readily available. A happy and hydrated Aussiechon is a healthy Aussiechon!

Space Requirements

Aussiechons are playful balls of fur with tons of energy, so ideally they'd have a backyard or park to zoom around in. But don't worry if you live in an apartment! These adaptable pups can do well in smaller spaces as long as they get enough exercise and mental stimulation each day.

Think of it like this: a tired dog is a happy dog (and a quieter neighbor!). Daily walks, playtime indoors with toys, and some brain games will keep your Aussiechon content even without a giant yard.

The key thing to remember is that these active pups need a way to burn off their energy. If they're stuck inside all day with nothing to do, they might get bored and frustrated. So get creative with playtime and walks, and your furry friend will be happy as a clam in any size home.

Aussiechon hybrid dog breed


Aussiechons are basically cuddle champions! These loving pups are super loyal and friendly, always down to hang out with their humans. They love being part of the family and shower their owners with affection.  Kids and other pets are usually no problem for Aussiechons, making them great for multi-pet households.

But don't be fooled by their cuddly side, these pups are also brainiacs with playful personalities! They're curious about everything and love to explore their surroundings. Plus, they're always eager to learn new tricks, which makes training a breeze.

And with their intelligence comes a bit of protectiveness. Aussiechons are natural watchdogs, keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. So rest assured, they'll definitely let you know if the mailman's up to something strange!

In a nutshell, Aussiechons are a fun-loving, loyal, and smart breed. They make excellent companions for families looking for a furry friend who's down to cuddle, play, and keep an eye on things. With some training and early socialization, they can be a perfect fit for almost any home!


Like most pups, Aussiechons are generally healthy, but there can be some hereditary health issues to watch out for. These come from their Aussie Shepherd and Bichon Frise parents.

Some things to keep on your radar include hip dysplasia (wonky hip joints), cataracts (cloudy eyes), dental problems, allergies, and thyroid issues.  Regular vet checkups are super important to catch anything early and keep your pup feeling tip-top.

The good news? With proper care, Aussiechons can live long and happy lives, typically between 12 and 15 years! So with some love, attention, and vet visits, your furry friend can be by your side for many years to come.

Aussiechon puppy

Is an Aussiechon Right for You? The Big Decision

So you're thinking about bringing an Aussiechon home? Here's the lowdown to help you decide if these furry friends are the perfect pup for you.

The Pawsome Perks:

  • Cuddle Monster: Get ready for an avalanche of affection! Aussiechons are loving and friendly, always happy to snuggle up with their favorite humans.
  • Brainiac Bunch: These smart pups are eager to please and a breeze to train. Teaching them tricks will be a fun bonding experience for both of you!
  • Sneeze-Free Zone: Allergy sufferers rejoice! Aussiechons have a hypoallergenic coat, meaning they shed minimally and are less likely to trigger sniffles.
  • Space Savers (Kinda): As long as they get enough exercise, Aussiechons can adapt to apartment living. They might not need a mansion, but they do love to play!

Things to Consider:

  • Energy to Burn: These are active doggos! Daily walks, playtime, and mental stimulation are a must to keep them happy and healthy. A tired Aussiechon is a well-behaved Aussiechon, after all.
  • Herding History: Aussiechons inherit herding instincts from their Aussie Shepherd parent. Be prepared for some playful nipping or circling, especially towards children or other pets. Training and positive reinforcement can help curb this behavior.
  • Vet Visits: Like most pups, Aussiechons can be prone to certain health problems. Regular vet checkups are important to catch anything early on.

The Final Woof

Aussiechons are amazing companions – loyal, smart, and always down for some fun. If you can provide them with the exercise, training, and love they need, they'll be a fantastic furry addition to your family. But remember, if your lifestyle is on the calmer side, another breed might be a better match. No matter what, choose a pup that fits your life perfectly!