Dog Feeding: How Many Times Should a Dog Eat a Day?

If you have a pet, you are responsible for taking care of it, feeding it, and educating it! True, we have doubts from time to time...Is he hungry? Have I given him enough to eat? Should I give him more food? Dogalyo provides you with the necessary advice so that you do not remain in doubt.

How Many Times Should a Dog Eat

How many times should a dog eat?

Your dog is a little greedy, you know that! And even if you have given him enough food, he will look at you with a pitiful face, asking for more!

But... Should I give him more food to make him stop making pitiful faces? No way! If you try to give your pet the right amount of food according to his physical characteristics and weight, following this small recommendation, your dog should not go hungry!

My dog is always looking for food

Actually, the cause of your little friend's being a glutton is a matter of survival! How so? It's really because your dog has its origins in wolves. Wolves eat when they get game, they don't eat every day! This means that when they get food, they don't chew the food! This way, they can compensate if they go several days without eating.

This way of behaving that they had when they were wolves has reached your pet! So, even if you give him the food directly and he doesn't have to do anything, he will fill his stomach as much as he can just in case!

If your pet makes a pitiful face when asking for more food, don't give in! If you give him more than the recommended amount of food, he could become obese! With the consequent risk to his health.

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Best diet for your dog

The best way to know if you are giving your pet the amount of food your dog needs is... Ask your veterinarian! Without a doubt, he will give you the indications that your dog needs according to:

  • Breed or size of your dog
  • Weight
  • State of health
  • Age (puppy's, adult, senior)
  • Activity level
  • Nutritional needs

A professional veterinarian will tell you the diet your dog needs at each stage of his life.

How much food should I feed my dog

How Many Times Should a Dog Eat a Day

Calculate well the amount of feed you are going to give your pet. It is very important! This way, your dog will be strong, healthy, and, last but not least, at its ideal weight!

Without a doubt, consult your veterinarian or even the supplier of your dog's food to determine the exact amount of food your dog requires.

Do you work away from home and have little time? If you're a busy person or simply don't have a regular schedule, you're probably very worried that sometimes you can't feed your dog at the time you'd like. As you know, your pet is an animal of habit, and if you take too long to give him his food, he will start to get desperate! What can you do to avoid this situation? There are programmable feeders that will offer your pet the amount of food you stipulate at a specific time, which is best if you are very busy!

Remember that the amount of daily food is divided between the times you feed him on the same day. If you give your dog the amount he needs, he won't go hungry! Although... Don't be fooled, he will still ask for food!

Do you feed your dog a homemade food diet? In that situation, you should visit a veterinarian who specializes in animal nutrition for advice and recommendations tailored to your dog's specific needs.
Now that you know why your dog looks at you with a pity face even though you have fed him, don't give in to his blackmail!

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