How to Wash Kong Dog Bed

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Your pup loves curling up in their Kong bed, but all that snuggling means wash day eventually rolls around. Don't worry, most Kong beds have covers you can toss in the washing machine for an easy refresh.

how to clean a kong dog bed

Here's how to make sure your dog's favorite spot stays spick and span

Peek at the Tag

Before you start washing, find the tag on your Kong bed's cover. This little tag is your secret weapon, telling you exactly how to wash that specific bed to avoid any mishaps.

Spot Check

Did your furry friend have a little "incident" on their bed? No worries! Grab some pet-safe stain remover (like a stain soldier!) and follow the instructions to banish the stain before washing.

De-Fur Mission

Use a lint roller or brush to get rid of all that loose fur clinging to the cover. This stops your washing machine from turning into a giant fur factory and makes for a cleaner wash.

Gentle Wash Cycle is Key

Throw the cover in the washer and pick a gentle cycle with cold water. Use a mild detergent that's gentle on your pup's skin. Skip the harsh chemicals and bleach – they're no good for your doggo.

Air Dry or Low Heat Tumble

Check the tag again to see how to dry the cover. Hanging it on a laundry line or drying rack works great. If you prefer the dryer, use low heat to avoid shrinking the cover.

Bonus Tips for a Sparkling Kong Bed

  • Inner Liner Intel: Some Kong beds have an inner liner that can't go in the washing machine. If that's the case, just spot clean it with a mild detergent solution by hand.
  • Size Matters: Kong beds come in all sizes. Make sure your washing machine is big enough to fit the cover comfortably. If not, a trip to the laundromat might be needed.
  • Drying the Inner Liner: For beds with non-washable liners, let it air dry completely before putting the cover back on. This stops any moisture from getting trapped and keeps the bed smelling fresh.


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By following these simple steps, you can keep your dog's Kong bed clean and comfy. This ensures they have a fresh and inviting spot to relax after all their playful adventures.

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