Meet the Basenji, the Dog That Doesn't Bark

We love our dogs, but we have to admit that sometimes their barking can be overwhelming, especially in the most inopportune places. However, did you know that there is a breed of dog that doesn't bark? It's the Basenji dog and today we will tell you all about them!

Meet the Basenji, the dog that doesn't bark

Its origin is pointed out in Africa, specifically in the Congo. This dog breed is very ancient. In fact, images of it have been found in artistic representations of Ancient Egypt.

Although barking and tail wagging are the two most common ways for dogs to communicate, there is one breed of dog, the basenji, whose furry members are unable to bark due to physical limitations.

What do we mean by these physical limitations? Well, it turns out that the basenji's larynx does not have the same orientation as that of other dogs. In addition, their vocal cords are very narrow, shallow, and flat, so they are not able to produce the outward sound known as "bark".

But the basenji's "no bark" is not its only curious feature. Read on!

non barking dog basenji

Cat-like dog

It should be noted that, although the basenji does not bark as such, it can produce sounds. The fact that it is a dog that does not bark does not mean that it cannot communicate, because what it produces is a prolonged, thin, and somewhat muffled howl, reminiscent of a meow or even more of a Tyrolean chant.

As if this were not enough, many compare the character of this dog with that of cats, since, like our feline friends, Basenji dogs are very independent.

In addition, their way of cleaning themselves by licking their paws is also reminiscent of kittens. They are very cat-like dogs!

Maybe if there are children in your family and you are thinking of adopting a basenji, it is not a good option at first, since they are not a dog that loves to receive affection or play. They are dogs that were born to work and hunt. That's why they are a bit stubborn at first!

However, with a good education, on the other hand, based on positive reinforcement, nothing will prevent it from being a member of the family. Moreover, the basenji will always choose a person within the family nucleus to whom he will be faithful as master and to whom he will feel very attached.

In addition, for a better adaptation to the home, this non-barking dog will need daily stimulation based, above all, on walks, which will help him not to get stressed at home!

If you consider that you are not prepared for his education, our recommendation is that you go to a professional trainer, as he will know how to use the best educational methods for this breed.

The Basenji is a peculiar dog because it does not bark and because of its character, but that does not prevent it from being a wonderful animal! Read also how to train a dog to not bark at night.

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