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How To Keep Your Dog Clean Without Bathing Him

Baths are necessary for our dogs, but, obviously, we can't give them every time we want. That's why, in Dogalyo, we are going to give you some tips to always keep your dog clean without bathing him.

Keep Your Dog Clean Without a Bath

Keep your dog clean without a bath

A good hygiene of your dog, as well as a quality food, are very important to ensure his health, and it is the responsibility of the owners to make it happen!

Sometimes, a situation may arise where you can't bathe your dog or he needs to be cleaned, but not thoroughly. Here are some tips to keep your dog clean!

A damp towel or cloth

If your dog has soiled a part of its body, for example, its paws or muzzle while eating, you can take a soft towel or cloth (be careful, don't take just any one!) and moisten it to clean your furry friend.

If you have also brushed the area before, you will remove the dirt more easily.

Keep your dog clean without a bath


Specialized wet wipes

When we say specialized we mean specifically for dogs. You can find them in pet stores and they are made of components that will not harm their skin. Don't use the human ones!

With these wipes you will be able to remove dirt, for example, from their pads, once you come back from a walk in the street.

Dry shampoo for dogs

One of the most used options to keep your dog clean without running water.

These special dry shampoos for our pets will make them look perfect.

To use one of them, first brush your furry friend. Then, dampen a towel or soft cloth with warm water and apply the dry shampoo spray on it and then wipe it over the animal's body. Repeat as often as necessary.

Finish the dry bath by brushing your dog again to remove any remaining product.

Keep your Frenchie clean without a bath

Deodorants and colognes for dogs

If the problem is that your dog's odor is stronger than usual, for example, if it has gotten wet on a rainy day, then we recommend other options.

First of all, if the dog is wet, remember to dry it well with a towel and a hairdryer. This will prevent it from catching a cold.

Then, consult your veterinarian to see if it is appropriate to apply some SPECIAL cologne for dogs to give it another scent. This may not be the right thing to do if your pet has skin problems.

Another widely used method to keep your dog clean is to make a homemade deodorant.

This will be composed of one part of apple cider vinegar and two parts of water that will be mixed in a sprayer. Of course, if your dog has sensitive skin or any wounds, do not apply it!

Finally, remember to check the areas where your dog spends a lot of time, such as his bed.

If your dog rolls around in a dirty or smelly place, all your hard work keeping him clean will be for nothing. To prevent this, regularly wash his bedding.


How To Keep Your Dog Clean Without Bathing it