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Cavapoo Charm School: Tips for a Happy & Healthy Pup

The Cavoodle, or Cavapoo for short, isn't just a bundle of cuteness - it's a delightful mix of the playful Poodle and the gentle Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. But with any mixed breed, there are specific needs to consider to keep them happy and healthy. This guide will help you unlock the secrets to Cavapoo care, ensuring your furry friend thrives for years to come!

Cavapoo or Cavoodle Breed

The Cavoodle is part of a fairly recent dog breed that has been popularized by the campaigns carried out by Australian breeders in the 90s.
Its social and loyal nature makes this breed of dog one of the family and it is the ideal pet for people with allergies as it does not shed a lot of hair during the changing seasons. The average life span of this breed is between 13 and 15 years, always depending on the care and attention it receives.

The Cavoodle is a small dog that measures between 9 and 16 inches tall and weighs between 9 and 25 pounds, approximately. It has a well-proportioned body. Its head is round and has a broad face; a short nose; and eyes that are always dark. Its ears are rounded and hanging. The Cavapoo's coat is always tan, white, black, brown, or beige and can be wavy or completely curly.

Cavoodle personality

The Cavoodle is a kind and gentle dog, very intelligent and eager to please. Its high intelligence demands mental stimulation, otherwise it will get bored and may develop aggressive behavior.

Therefore, if you think you are too busy to pay attention to this dog breed, the Cavoodle is not the perfect pet for you. The Cavapoo is a very active dog breed, looking for things to do and always wants to be in the company of its owner. This breed is considered the perfect pet for those older people who have a lot of energy or simply need to keep moving.

How to train a Cavoodle

Thanks to the good character of this breed, and in addition to their intelligence, it is not difficult to train them. Their training is very simple and can be done by anyone, even if you have no experience in dog training.

Common Cavapoo health problems

Common Cavoodle health problems

The Cavoodle is a healthy dog, but like other breeds, they are prone to certain health problems, which are very common in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed. Not all dogs of this breed will present these diseases, but it is important to know them.

Patellar luxation (dislocation)

A common condition in small dogs, which occurs when the three parts of the patella (femur, patella and tibia), are not properly aligned, causing a limp. Friction due to luxation can degenerate into arthritis. If the luxation is severe, the dog will have bowed legs and surgery may be necessary.


This is a serious disease that this breed can inherit from the Cavalier. Sometimes the skull of these pets is too small to house the dog's brain, so it is introduced into the spinal column. One of the consequences is that the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid is altered, causing the production of cysts in the spinal cord and these can expand, so that they press on the nerves, causing pain to the Cavoodle.

Legg-Perthes disease

Disease caused by avascular necrosis of the femoral head, which is destroyed and can lead to cartilage fracture. Treatment involves surgery to remove the head and neck of the femur or total hip replacement.

Sebaceous adenitis

A skin disease involving inflammation of the skin glands found in the hair follicles. It presents with scaly skin and matted hair and has no cure, but can be controlled with the use of specific medicated shampoos.

How to take care of a Cavoodle?

To maintain the good health of our pet, it is necessary to periodically clean its teeth, eyes and ears, these areas are quite delicate and if they are not properly cleaned, the Cavapoo could develop diseases and infections. As it is considered a small sized dog, it is necessary to watch its feeding and this should be balanced and sufficient. This breed of dog should not be overfed because it could end up suffering from obesity.

How are Cavoodle with kids and other pets

How are Cavoodle with kids and other pets?

The Cavoodle is the ideal pet for children as they love to play, but you have to be careful as it is a small dog and children could hurt it. Regarding its interaction with other animals, this breed is very friendly and can get along very well, as long as it is done in a calm and patient way. The Cavapoo is a breed that likes to have the spotlight on him, so if you have more animals at home, you will have to work on the 'jealousy' to avoid conflicts at home.

How to get a Cavoodle

If you have finally taken the step and have decided to have a Cavoodle or Cavapoo as a pet, the ideal is to adopt. Adoption is the best option to give a new opportunity to the most needy dogs. If, on the contrary, you prefer to buy it, it is preferable that you go to a professional and responsible breeder. These are dedicated to caring for and monitoring the health of the Cavoodle breed.

5 curious facts about the Cavoodle or Cavapoo

  • Only a few are hypoallergenic with a coat that does not shed.
  • The first Cavoodle or Cavapoo were bred in the 1990s.
  • It is the most popular breed in Australia
  • This breed is very sensitive to heat due to its short muzzle.
  • This breed is also known to be called teddy bears.

Before adopting or buying, you have to be sure that you can take care of your future pet at all times. If, after knowing everything about the Cavoodle or Cavapoo, you still have the idea of having this breed at home, you are not wrong. You and your new pet will have wonderful moments.