Wednesday, October 24, 2018

How To Keep Your Dog Clean Without Bathing it
The baths are necessary for our dogs, but, obviously, it is not possible to give them every time we want. That's why at Chien Mag we're going to give you some tips to always keep your dog clean without bathing it.

How To Keep Your Dog Clean Without Bathing it

Keep your dog clean without going through the bathtub

A good hygiene of your dog, as well as a quality food, are very important to ensure his health. And it is the responsibility of the owners to do so!

Occasionally, there may be a situation where you can't bathe your dog or your dog needs to be cleaned, but not thoroughly. Here are some tips to help your dog stay clean!

A wet towel or cloth

If your dog has soiled a part of his body, such as his paws or snout, you can take a soft towel or cloth (don't take any!) and moisten it to clean your furry coat.

If you have also brushed the area before, you will remove the dirt more easily.

Yorkshire Terrier

Specialized wet wipes

When we say specialized we mean that they are specifically for dogs. You can find them in pet shops and they are made of components that won't harm your dog's skin. Don't use human ones!

With these wipes you will be able to remove dirt, for example, from their pads, once you return from a walk in the street.

Dry shampoo for dogs

One of the most commonly used options to keep your dog clean without going through the water jet.

These special dry shampoos for our pets will make them look perfect.

To use one of them, first brush his furry. Then, moisten a soft towel or cloth with lukewarm water and apply the dry spray shampoo over it and then run it over the animal's body. Repeat as needed.

Finish the dry bath by brushing the dog again in order to remove the remains of the product.


Deodorants and colognes for dogs

If the problem is that your dog's smell is stronger than normal, for example, if it has been wet on a rainy day, then we recommend other options.

First, if your dog is wet, remember to dry it well with a towel and dryer so it doesn't catch a cold.

Then, apply some SPECIAL dog cologne to give it another smell. Ask your vet if it's appropriate for you, because if your pet has skin problems, it won't be the right thing to do.

Another widely used method of keeping your dog clean is to make a homemade deodorant.

This will consist of a part of apple vinegar and two parts of water that will be mixed in a spray. However, if your dog has sensitive skin or a wound, don't apply it!

Finally, remember to check areas where your dog spends a lot of time, such as his bed.

If he's left his dirt or bad smell there, it won't do any good to keep your dog clean if he's going to roll around in that place and get bad smells again. Wash his bed often so that this doesn't happen!

Monday, August 13, 2018

How to Bathe a Dog That is Afraid of Water
The routine of grooming a dog is as essential and important as eating or drinking. Thanks to this, in addition to staying clean, skin infections are also avoided, your hair will be healthy and shiny and will look much healthier. But the time of bathing is a whole world depending on the pet, there are some who love water and have fun during the process and others who are terrified and can be punished.

How to Bathe a Dog That is Afraid of Water

According to several specialized publications such as the scientific magazine `Helium': "A domestic dog develops fear of water as a result of a negative past experience" during this or any other activity in contact with water. It doesn't have to be especially flashy if not something that the pet simply remembers as something unpleasant and negative for him. This fear, as mentioned, is not normal, so something can be done about it.

Below you will find a series of tips to put into practice with your dog so that in the short/long term, the moment of bathing and contact with the water is no longer traumatic for them and finally a pleasant activity.


At first it might seem that a shower is better than a bath because the water does not accumulate and may seem less overwhelming, but quite the opposite. Dogs can swim by nature, but the noise that the pressure water makes when going out through the shower head can frighten them a lot, and that's just enough to scare the hell out of them. Unless they are dogs of considerable size, a good option is to bathe them in a tub or even in the sink. This way it will be a more comfortable place for them and they will not be in a lot of water.


In the case of having to groom our dog in a bathtub you have to make it a comfortable space. Just like with people, the dog will also slip. For them it will be another reason to be nervous because they won't feel stable, they will try to get out of there and they won't get out so they can get overwhelmed. That's why you can use a simple shower mat to make them feel more stable, secure and, consequently, calm.

How to Wash a Dog That is Afraid of Water


For a dog, its owner is the most important person and the one with whom they feel most secure. For this very reason, much of your peace of mind will depend on us. The first thing to do is to use a calm tone of voice so that the dog does not feel like a threat or a fight. It is also necessary to make him affectionate from time to time and if he is behaving well to recognize the good deed. This way you will feel that it is a good thing and that if you do it it has its rewards. But if the dog is constantly crying it is not advisable to pamper him to calm him down either, because if not, he will think he is doing something right and will repeat it the next few times.


If bathing is something that scares our pet, another option is to make this a fun time as well. Put your favorite toy in the bathtub to play with while you are bathing, so that it will be fun and you won't pay attention to what you're doing. In this way you will understand that it is a fun time that you will spend together and little by little you will accept it better.


It is very important that nothing disturbs or frightens him, so it is better to prevent everything that is within our reach. For example, it is best not to put the shampoo in a jar where it might fall over and make a loud noise. As already mentioned, it is preferable not to use the shower head as water pressure can be a nuisance. Also, the water pressure may not be to their liking.


One of the best ways for a dog to learn and keep doing things well is to reward it. This is one of the principles when teaching a pet. When you do something right you can reward him with some food, some dog treats, etc. In this way you will interpret that this behavior is the right one and also that after each bath you will get something.


Of course, bathing time has to be a routine thing, like a walk. It could always be the same day of the week and at about the same time. The dog will also internalize it and know that it will happen in a way that it will adapt to it. That way he will also do his part when it comes to doing it, because if you don't want to, you can run away, hide and have to scold him, something that will make us start off badly with the bathroom.

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